Open Evening - Wednesday 5th October 2016

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Geography Students Start Coursework Process

GCSE Geography students at Hope Valley College have started their controlled assessment with field trips to Castleton and Tideswell.

The assessment demands that students examine the special layout of two different towns and how that layout is affected by the town's functions.

The students first spent time in Castleton, a tourist hot spot, collecting data on the management and impact of tourism on service provision in the village. They then visited Tideswell collecting the same data in order to make a comparison between the two villages.

Head of Geography Matt Fitton said: "The coursework allows students to explore firsthand how the differing volume of tourism on two villages creates a difference in the services on offer and how that impacts on the village's layout. The field trips play an important part in our student's Geography studies as it allows them to examine the subject as it happens in their local area rather than just learning from a textbook. The trips went really well and the students behaved exceptionally well."

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