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Ex Student Continues Studies at Chethams

By Matt Scorer

danny_wallington.jpg2009 Hope Valley College leaver Danny Wallington has moved on to Chethams Music School in Manchester. 

Before gaining admission Danny underwent a gruelling audition process where every aspect of his musical ability was put under scrutiny before finally being awarded a place.

Danny said: "I've had a passion for music from a very young age which sprung from listening to a lot of music. When I first started learning to play I didn't really like the time it took to practice but now I'm so glad I did it because it has paid off and given me a lot of enjoyment."

Danny left the College this summer achieving an A* in music, 4 A grades and 5 B's. During his time at College Danny was heavily involved with the College Big Band as well as playing piano in several College Musicals.

In addition to his GCSE's Danny has a Grade 8 in both Piano and Guitar and is currently learning how to play accordion. He practices daily for about four hours.

Danny added: "Hope Valley College gave me so many opportunities to play with other musicians which really improved my ability. The bands, the musicals and all the concerts made music exciting and enjoyable."

Head of Music Jessica Bagnall said: "Danny has tonnes of musical ability but that didn't just fall in his lap. His musical talent has been honed by a lot of practice and dedication which has now been rewarded with his place at Chets. I wish him every success in the future."

Principal Bernie Hunter said: "Danny's fantastic achievements set a shinning example to other students of how the benefits of hard work and dedication reap rewards. They are also a prime example of why extra curricular activities are so important in terms of the opportunities they present to develop existing talents and learn new skills. We wish Danny the best of luck in everything he does in the future."

After completing his studies at Chethams Danny hopes to continue to develop his music studies at a specialist Music College with a view to go into musical writing.


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