Ellen triumphs at the English National Fencing Championships!

Ellen RW

Well done to Year 8 student Ellen Robbins-Wilkinson who won a gold medal in the Under 13 Sabre weapon, held in Hertfordshire.

Hope Wakes and Well Dressing 2015

Well Dressing designed by Isobel Baker & Molly Guinness Year 7

image copy

The Arrival of Spring

Y10 students on Curriculum Enrichment day, Friday 19th June 2015, worked together on a 'Team Building' exercise.  Working in teams, students had to organise and create a wall sized painting copied from David Hockney's 'The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate'.  Although each team had only one section to complete the final outcome required everyone's efforts to fit together: as you can see from the image below they did a fantastic job.

The Arrival of Spring


Last HVC Book Club this Academic Year

July 15 publicity

History GCSE Revision

GCSE historians please check out Andrew Foster's channel on youtube for his quick and easy revision guides for Germany and the Cold War. Follow this link for one of his videos:


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